Connecting you with your community and local businesses

What’s In Your Area started from an idea that was formed several years ago. Having a local printing business since 1996, we heard over and over again the same story. Small business owners could not afford to advertise. It seemed like there were group discounts and services offered to everyone except the small businesses. Sheldon decided he would create a company that would not only help businesses advertise, but also give tools to enable them to grow their business. A couple of years ago, the journey began. We started with a basic Advertising Company as the foundation. Sheldon had more ideas than hours in a day. His thoughts were always based around helping small businesses in the community. Our first big challenge was getting our name out there to let people know that we were so much more than a Advertising Company Secondly, how to bring customers and businesses together. During this time frame, we created a Advertising Format. We offer free photos, clip art, icons, and much much more.! We were happy but still felt like the puzzle wasn’t completed. Then, like our logo, the light bulb went on. Why couldn’t we offer discounted services to all the WIYA members? The old saying “there is strength in numbers” couldn’t be truer. With over 97,000 businesses listed currently, we are already experiencing negotiating power. With these numbers, we have been able to offer discount printing, merchant services, design work, products, and more. As we are writing this, several more discounted programs are being negotiated. Our ultimate goal is to have such a large membership that as we grow, our negotiating power will become stronger and stronger. Currently there are so many facets to WIYA that it would take several days to explain everything WIYA offers. We recently started the first of many networking groups that will truly benefit the members that choose to attend. Our promise is we will continue to explore ways in which we can benefit the small business community.

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